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The Dragoons of Solomus chs1-7
The Dragoons of Solomus
by David S. Flythe

Chapter 1 - They Clash
There he is. though a well weathered man watching a dragon resting in an open clearing as a genial breeze blew in his direction. He hasn't detected me yet, now's the time. He held his hand on his unique sword and prepared something for a quick strike.
Conceal me from sight, from smell, and from sound. Then he held his sword up and in a whispered shout he spook "Shroud!" With that word he disappeared from sight.
Bolting from the forest he dashed right for the black dragon still laying there as if dozing. Just as he was about to strike the dragon blocked his attack pushing him back.
"Do you take me for a fool, Dragoon of Orochi?" he said now fully standing and ready for battle. "I am a sorcerer as well as a first dragon. Did you think that little trick would work?" Normally he did not fight the dragoons. Not even during the war. He had no desire to die. Nor the ones th
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I was going to do something else but after the 1,583,728th time of seeing the fast acting zombie bug I had to do this.

Since October 31st isn't very far away while flipping channels I see yet another zombie film with the fast acting zombie bug! With in minutes of being bitten the person turns in to one of the mindless cabalistic ghouls seeking to feast on your flesh. While I do write and like science fiction and fantasy there is a point where my suspension of disbelief gets a little testy.

I wish half of these nitwits would bother doing the kind of basic research an elementary school student would due for a science project. Every disease has an incubation period whit the shortest's belonging to bacteria (pretty sure on that one, since they can reproduce on their own) while the virus needs to hijack your cells to reproduce itself (actually that's also elementary school knowledge, unless they've really dumbed things down here in the US) the flu and cold has a 1-3 day period, Ebola has a 2-21 day period, SARS 1-10, Smallpox 7-10, Bubonic plague (bacterial by the way) 2-5, and HIV 2-3 weeks or months or longer. As you can see even the most feared disease Ebola has a 2-21 day period from when you are exposed to the out brake then longer to death unless you're immune compromised, so a person could not be bitten and turn into a zombie minutes later. Since the bug has to make it from the outer part of the person in to the core and then infect the brain cause death and reanimation and all of this will take time for a virus.

Oh and as to most of those really fast bugs they're airborne getting into your system by the lungs and effecting the lungs, which by the way if your zombie virus is airborne everyone gets infected and ghoulized.



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